Light Heather Gray V-Neck with Tibetan Om


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The Tibetan Om represents the vibration of the universe.  It has a mystical and ancient feel.   It was inspired by a Tibetan quote design we did|||”The Jewel of your own light lies within your heart”  |||This is our top selling blue color.  Blue is the color of Siva.  We have a great write up on the mythical meaning of Siva on our blog here.  I was thinking of this when we manifested this color blue|||Super soft linen blend v-neck with multi crystal vibration infused Third Eye Threads logo.   |||Energy radiates from our new logo representing the crystal vibrations within.|||Shine like a diamond|||•  Original artwork|||•  Printed with crystal vibration infused inks|||•  This is like no shirt you have ever had before!|||   Why is it amazing? |||High energy design|||Ganesh is hidden in the center of the diamond to help you destroy your obstacles!|||The color is infused into the fabric and never fades||| |||Model wearing small|||Recommended Hang dry

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