Breathe Peacock Feather on Long Sleeve Dolman


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Breathe design resting on a peacock feather. |||Peacock feathers represent living your life full spectrum in tantric philosophy.   |||Experience the light and the dark.   |||Ganesh is hidden in the eye of the peacock feather (we like to hide Ganesh in our designs, like “Where’s Waldo”).|||Just breathe five conscious breaths to bring yourself into the present moment.|||We all need a reminder to live in the present moment. |||Breathing consciously is the essence of yoga as it assists us in connecting with the subtle energy within.|||It is through Breath we are able to navigate different levels of consciousness.|||By wearing this shirt it will help you be conscious. “Aim to unite the mind, the body and the breath.”|||This design offers dolman sleeves with a fitted cuff and waistband, and an oversized neckline for off the shoulder draping. The back features a center seam. |||The fabric is 91% polyester and 9% cotton.||| 

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